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Singles in Marietta

San Antonio, TX

I consider myself to be very outgoing. I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. But it… view more »

Miami, FL

When people ask me what my favorite type of music or food is, I usually have 3 or 4 different answer… view more »

Houston, TX

I enjoy the symphony, and muscle cars. I love history, and I do genealogy and find it interesting. … view more »

Orlando, FL

I consider myself to be very outgoing. I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. But it… view more »

San Diego, CA

Hey there! My profile is not paid. I can't see or reply to messages here! Write to ernail: JUDERA … view more »

Houston, TX

I often give up my weekends to volunteer. There’s nothing more rewarding than making a difference fo… view more »

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

I am pretty low key. Looking for someone to share good laughs and simple pleasures in life. I love… view more »

Austin, TX

looking to make friendsgrew up in France and Californiaoutdoorsy and active, travelled Europ… view more »

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Phoenix, AZ

I can not see your messsagess, because if I'm interested in you, send me a messsage here JessBr87 at… view more »

Chula Vista, CA

Travel is hugely important to me. I think visiting different places expands your mindset and makes y… view more »

Atlanta, GA

Like: stand up comedy, sports (so glad it's football season), hiking, travel, red wine, being an au… view more »

San Diego, CA

Outside of work, my life isn’t overly planned. I like to stay present in the moment and see where li… view more »

Culver City, CA

I am a positive, sunny lady who can not stay unactive for a long time) I have a nice character and I… view more »

University Heights, CA

I consider myself pretty dependable. I place a huge importance on keeping my word and honoring my co… view more »

Beverly Hills, CA

I am looking for a honest and loyal man. A man with a since of humor. A normal easy going man.. I … view more »

Dallas, TX

I love to laugh, go to movies, musical concerts, camping, fishing, surfing, gentle, friendly, play, … view more »

North Hollywood, CA

Outgoing - I love to try new things and value experiences/travel. My career is important to me but d… view more »

Irving, TX

I am an artistic person.My former career was in the arts.Mostly retired now I spend time with photog… view more »

North Hollywood, CA

She was the kind of girl that found fun in everyday life, she would show up to fancy dinners with he… view more »



Richardson, TX

It’s probably a contradiction to call yourself humble, but that’s really how most people describe me… view more »

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